I normally read articles on science and math here on Medium, thats what I’m into after all. Even the most earth shattering (sometimes literally) stories there get a half dozen comments. Does anyone know the story of the Library of Alexandria? Or the Tower of Babel from the bible? Both of them show that when all of humanities thoughts are allowed to subsist next to each other, the results are usually disastrous. Instead of increased knowledge and progress we get exactly the opposite. Alexandria had books from Greek scientists that said the stars are suns, but enormously far away. That fact waited almost 2000 years to be rediscovered after it was burned down. The tower of Babel says that pretty much all of humanity at the time was working on a single project, and “God confused them to all speak different languages”. I think we can infer the true meaning behind that. I fear that the internet and social media in particular is becoming the next great disaster we will look back on. I love being able to share pictures and videos of my daughter growing up with my parents and in-laws at the touch of a button. I have to be careful what I share though, there is a ravenous horde of anti-vaxxers (your daughter is vaccinated! OMG shes going to die any minute and shedding will make everyone around her sick), flat-earthers (why is this even a thing?), Qanon (Oh she was born really early and has Medicaid, therefore you are a leech on society, oh 23 14 and the letter B are my cold read of the day), etc.. all waiting like wolves at the door to drag us back into the dark ages. I have no idea how to fix it, honestly. Carl Sagan saw it coming 30 years ago. The internet and the computers arent the problem, the people are.

Professional software engineer. Math enthusiast. Entrepreneur at heart. http://www.beneschtech.com

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